Taxus 'Renke's Kleiner Grüner'® - Einfach schnittig!



  • Tolerates pruning
  • Shoots out strong after pruning and comes steadily up with new shoots from the base
  • Slow growth, wide and bushy, no middle shoot
  • Propagated by cuttings, effects constant quality for uniform hedges
  • Robust wood, tolerates shade, wind frost and city climate
  • Elegant, dark-green shiny leaves
  • Native, evergreen conifer


  • Bed-edging, in the garden or graveyard
  • Ground cover
  • Single plant in a bed, globe or cube form


Taxus bacc. 'Renke's Kleiner Grüner'®

Taxus baccata, in English “Common Yew”, is a native, evergreen Conifer that has been used for garden design for centuries.
The dark-green shining needles do not mind being cut. This qualifies the plant for hedging and topiary. The “Common Yew” is also very robust and insensible against shade and wind. Accordingly it can be planted under big trees and also inside cities.

'Renke's Kleiner Grüner' ®

The new variety 'Renke's Kleiner Grüner' ® once was a seedling, found by the breeder Renke zur Mühlen in 2001, in his plant nursery. The stock plant is slow-growing as well as wide and bushy, without a proper top shoot. After pruning the plant, it shoots out well and always comes up with new shoots from the base of the plant.

Trials with cuttings of this seedling in Renke zur Mühlen’s plant nursery and in the plant research centre Bad Zwischenahn, confirmed zur Mühlen’s prediction. Now the plant is named 'Renke's Kleiner Grüner'® and has the potential to compete with the classic Buxus as a plant for hedges and topiary.

It can be used for bed edging in the garden or at the graveyard. You can also cover the ground with this new Taxus and keep it in form , without any difficulty. This Taxus even looks good when you plant it on its own and prune it in a globe or cube form. Peaked forms should not be shaped from it, due to the missing middle shoot.

Plant variety protection applied. No reproduction allowed.


Feed the plant with a compound fertiliser in April. To ensure you apply the correct amount, take a soil sample to a good garden centre which will test it. Like all topiary plants Taxus should be pruned post-frost in May and also again at the end of August.

Soil: Taxus baccata 'Renke's Kleiner Grüner'® needs fresh, moist, nutrient-rich and chalky soil. It is also tolerant to slightly dry, moderately acidic and nutrient-poor soils.

Light conditions: Sun till half shade, also shade compatible

Pruning: Twice a year

Warning: All plant parts are poisonous, apart from the fleshy red-coloured fruit, containing a single poisonous seed.